October 2015 Newsletter

Notable News

Soak it Up! Green Infrastructure Workshop

Together with GIO steering committee member Green Communities Canada, GIO is hosting a workshop on green stormwater infrastructure. This workshop will provide an overview of policies and programs for implementing green stormwater infrastructure across the urban landscape. Target audiences include environment, community groups and other “influencers” and advocates for green in our cities.

Soak it Up! Green Infrastructure Workshop

Thanks to urbanization combined with climate change, cities are suffering severe flooding, erosion, and water quality degradation. Green infrastructure (low impact development) is a big part of the solution.

August 2015 Newsletter

Notable News

Support Green Infrastructure in Two Provincial Policy Reviews

Municipal Act

The Government of Ontario has launched a review of the Municipal Act to ensure that municipalities across the province have the tools, powers and flexibility they need to effectively serve their communities. They are soliciting input on how to improve the legislation, with a focus on three main themes: Accountability and transparency, Municipal financial sustainability, and Responsive and flexible municipal government. They have published an online discussion guide to help gather input on what is working, what could be better and innovative ideas for addressing challenges.

June Newsletter

Notable News

GIO Releases “Ontario’s Urban Forests: Call to Action”

On June 9, 2015 GIO published 'Ontario's Urban Forests: Call to Action' and sent a letter to the Premier of Ontario urging her to support our province's urban forests. All levels of government, non-profit organizations, community groups and businesses must play a role in protecting and growing Ontario’s urban forests.

April 2015 Newsletter

Notable News

Grey to Green Conference: Exploring the Economics of Urban Agriculture and Resilience

It has been three years since the highly successful Urban Agriculture Summit in Toronto. This year’s Grey to Green Conference will be exploring new developments in urban agriculture and green infrastructure that have taken place across North America and around the world. The conference promises to be two days packed with information, ideas, best practices, tools and results that you can easily adapt to your needs. Join us on June 1-2, 2015, in Toronto, Ontario.

Ontario’s Climate Change Discussion Paper 2015 - GIO’s submission

GIO provided a submission in response to select questions from Ontario's Climate Change Discussion Paper 2015. GIO submitted comments as part of the province-wide consultation process undertaken by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.