June 2014 Newsletter

Notable News

Grey to Green conference: Designing for Health

Last day for early bird registration rates!

Today (June 16th) is the last day to receive an early bird registration discount for the upcoming Grey to Green Conference. The theme of the conference is the economics of green infrastructure, designing for health.  It will showcase more than 75 leading thinkers and doers across a diverse range of fields which reveal the intersection of health and living green infrastructure.

Date: August 25-26th, 2014

Location: Eaton Chelsea, 33 Gerrard Street West, Toronto, Ontario

For more details and to register click here

April 2014 Newsletter


GIO Membership Changes

With the ice storm and emerald ash borer, we are currently losing green infrastructure in our cities. The increasing frequency of extreme weather events makes protecting and investing in green infrastructure even more important for human health, stormwater management, job creation, and climate change adaptation – and the time to act is now.

The Green Infrastructure Ontario (GIO) Coalition has been working hard to advance green infrastructure across Ontario.  To date we have:

Green Infrastructure Included in New Ontario Provincial Policy

The Ontario government has released a new Provincial Policy Statement at www.ontario.ca/pps. GIO's efforts to engange and educate policy makers on the benefits of green infrastructure have contributed to green infrastructure being included in the new policy.

GIO Press Release - Cities need living green infrastructure as well as grey.

Toronto, February 18, 2014 – The federal government has made a strong commitment to funding infrastructure across Canada with its announcement of $14B over 10 years from the Building Canada Fund. Getting the most from our investments in national infrastructure, however, requires including support for living green infrastructure as well as traditional grey infrastructure.

February 2014 Newsletter


David Suzuki Foundation joins GIO Steering Committee

GIO is pleased to welcome the David Suzuki Foundation (DSF) as the newest member of the GIO Steering Committee.  Since 1990, the DSF has upheld their mission to protect the diversity of nature and quality of life in the present and future.  The DSF uses a collaborative and multi-stakeholder approach to conserve the environment and find solutions to create a sustainable Canada.  The DSF’s top goals include helping Canadians connect with nature, providing clean energy solutions to reduce Canada’s impact on climate, fighting for environmental justice, and building healthy communities.

Visit their website at http://www.davidsuzuki.org/ to exp